Speakers’ Profiles

Jason Jannati

  • Age:27


The want is more important than the how.

Insightful, driven and passionate, Jason Jannati is a devoted brand strategist and leader in the energy efficiency industry. As co-founder and chief communication officer of greeNEWit, Jannati is responsible for defining the strategic direction of branding and business development. Jason helped greenNEWit grow from a start-up with 0% credit cards to a multi-million dollar enterprise with a culture that thrives on solving challenges.

Jannati is devoted to developing social programs that have an environment focus and create an impact for the next generation. Some of his endeavors include organizing solar powered music festivals to raise awareness as well helping to build the OUR Schools Program and Agents of Change initiatives within greeNEWit.

Jannati was recently recognized at the White House for his contributions to entrepreneurship and the nation's economy.

Title & Descriptions of Speaking Programs

  • How to be a great entrepreneur right now, no prerequisite necessary.

    The audience will walk away realizing that each and everyone of us can be an amazing entrepreneur / problem solver if we want to be. Stereotypical myths will be broken down, and the audience will learn that the basic principles of our mindset will always be what makes or breaks us.

  • What do I actually want?

    The audience will be taken through a basic yet potent goal setting exercise that will enable people of all ages to design the life of their dreams. Most important things in life are simple and building a life of joy and excitement is no exception. The audience will leave feeling excited and in complete control of their life today and every tomorrow.

  • There is a leader in all of us

    The audience will be motivated and realize that leadership is about the choices we make, the way that we carry ourselves all while enabling others to be their best around us. Getting excited about our ability to not only help others but inspire them to do the same is a responsibility that many touch but few embrace. The audience will realize the potential that we all have to inspire others.

  • How do I make money when I have none?

    The steps to beginning a business from the ground up. Emphasis on how to balance the need to have money when you aren’t making any.

  • Building a culture that lasts

    The audience will learn the basic principles that make up an amazing culture and discover the simple yet effective road map for getting there. This talk can be applied to companies of all sizes and can be put into action immediately