Speakers’ Profiles

Ioannis Verdelis

Founder & COO
  • Age: 29


Co-founder of Fleksy – the keyboard technology that helps you type on a touch screen without even looking

Completed projects in 24 countries, speaker, and featured in a series of publications.

While attending the University of Warwick (UK), Ioannis Verdelis met his future Co-Founder of Syntellia, Kostas Eleftheriou. Both earned a BSc in Computer Science. Ioannis continued his studies and completed an MSc from Manchester Business School.

Throughout his career, Ioannis has been at the forefront of the development and fast growth of businesses which have become leaders in their fields.

At the start of his career, Ioannis joined UK based Select Property - the first company to sell Dubai properties to European investors. Ioannis was employee number ten and was played an instrumental role in growing the team from ten to a hundred people. The company achieved both commercial success and publicity as one of the biggest innovators in the overseas property market.

Ioannis then joined Best International, a real estate consulting group. He has undertaken projects in 24 countries, was a regular keynote speaker in industry conferences, and has featured in a number of publications. Under Ioannis’s tenure, Best International grew to become widely recognized as a leader in Europe’s real estate market, winning a series of awards.

Having left Best International, Ioannis relocated to California in 2012, co-founding Syntellia with Kostas Eleftheriou. Syntellia's first product, Fleksy, is set to disrupt the touch screen text input space in a multitude of industries. Syntellia has received multiple awards, including the prestigious SXSW Interactive Accelerator Award, and acclamation from the press. One of Wall Street Journal's Startups of the Year, Syntellia has also attracted venture backing.

Title & Descriptions of Speaking Programs

  • From an Idea to a Business

    For those with a good idea who want to turn into a business, this presentation uses some case studies and examples to talk about how to make those first steps, from inception to giving up your day job.

    • What is the difference between an idea and an opportunity?
    • The Business Plan – going beyond chapter headings
    • Uncertainties, risks, and opportunities: How to assess them
    • The importance of the Minimum Viable Product
    • When do you make the leap?
  • Pitching to Investors

    For those who are thinking to raise the first money for their tech startup, this presentation gives some tips and tricks for a successful pitch by looking at the startup from the eyes of a potential investor.